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Once you have SeedLeaf set up with Seeds, Crops, Products, and Customers you can start placing Orders!

An Order is made up of seven basic elements:

  1. A Customer

  2. A Harvest date (SeedLeaf does not technically manage your delivery date)

  3. A Frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, or one time order)

  4. A Product 

  5. A Product size

  6. A Product price (auto fills with your set price but editable)

  7. A Product quantity

To add an order in SeedLeaf:

STEP 1: Navigate to the Orders page and click on the "Add" button at the top of the page

STEP 2: Choose a Customer from the dropdown menu

STEP 3: Choose the Harvest date the Order is for
STEP 4: Choose whether the Order is weekly, bi-weekly, or does not repeat (one time)

STEP 5: Choose the Order end date

  • End date is optional and automatically defaults to the last day of the calendar year.

STEP 6: Choose a Product

STEP 7: Choose the Product size

STEP 8: Product price auto fills but is editable

STEP 9: Enter the Product quantity

STEP 10: Click "Add Product" to add another product, if desired, and repeat Steps 6 to 9

STEP 11: Click the "Add" button to save your order

You can add as many Products to an order as you want.

NOTE: Each Order can only have a single harvest day. In other words, if you have multiple Harvests each week, and a Customer wants a delivery on more than one of your Harvest days, this must be done through separate Orders. For example, if you have Harvests on Tuesdays and Fridays and a Customer wants an Order for both days these will be separate Orders.

Orders are what set SeedLeaf in motion. Once Orders are entered, SeedLeaf generates Crop production tasks to ensure your Crops are ready on your desired Harvest day.

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