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The Product is the form in which you sell your Crops to your Customers.

SeedLeaf allows you to create Products for both cut and live Products

  • Cut Products are cut from a living Crop and packaged in some fashion - in either bulk quantities or individual packages.

  • Live Products are Crops that are sold "as is" and do not require cutting; live Products may be placed in a type of packaging for transport or display.

A product contains seven elements you can edit:

  1. Product name

  2. The Crop or Crops (for blends) that make up the Product

  3. Percent of each Crop in a blend, by weight (if applicable)

  4. Whether the Product is cut and packaged or sold live (Note: blends can only be cut and packaged)

  5. Product size: small, medium, large (all for cut Crops) or tray (only for live Crops)

  6. Product weight for each size

  7. Product price for each size

To add a new single-Crop, cut Product to SeedLeaf:

STEP 1: Navigate to the Products page and click the "Add" button at the top of the page

STEP 2: Enter a Product name

  • Try to keep Product names short but descriptive

  • You can use your actual Product marketing name or a SeedLeaf specific name

STEP 3: Choose a Crop

STEP 4: Go to the "Type" dropdown menu and choose "Cut"

STEP 5: Choose a size: small, medium, or large

STEP 6: Enter the weight for your chosen size

STEP 7: Enter the price for your chosen size

STEP 8: Click on the "Add Size" button to add another size and follow steps 5 to 7 to add more sizes (optional)

To add a new multi-Crop, cut Product (Blend) to SeedLeaf:

STEP 1: Enter a Product name

STEP 2: Choose the first Crop in the blend from the dropdown menu

STEP 3: Click the "Add Blend" button

STEP 4: Enter the Crop proportion (by weight) for the first Crop you entered

STEP 5: Enter the second Crop in your blend

STEP 6: Enter the Crop proportion (by weight) for the second crop

STEP 7: Click "Add blend" to add another Crop and follow the same steps as above

  • NOTE: Crop proportions must add up to 100%!

STEP 8: Select "cut" from the "type" dropdown menu

Then follow the steps from above to create Product sizes, weights, and prices


To add a new live Product to SeedLeaf:

STEP 1: Enter a Product name

STEP 2: Choose a Crop

  • NOTE: Be sure to select the proper crop if you have multiple variants of the same Crop 

STEP 3: Select "Live Tray" in the "Type" dropdown menu

STEP 4: Enter a price

STEP 5: Click on the "Add" button to save your Product

Check out the tutorial video below on the basics of the Products page. If you're ready to get into more advanced Product management, check out our Advanced Products Editing tutorial, where we show you how to customize Product names to more easily pack and sort your Products for different markets.

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