You can change or edit Products at any time. Below are some key things to keep in mind.

If you need to make major changes to all aspects of a Product, it may be easier, in some cases, to create a new Product.

General Notes:

  • You cannot delete a Product if it is being used in an Order. You must first remove the Product from any Order before you can delete that Product.

  • You can delete multiple Products at a time by using the checkbox feature to the left of each Product. However, if any of the Products you have selected are being used in an Order you will get an error message.

Changing a Product's name:

  • This changes the name of the Product across the whole system: Tasks, Orders, Reports, and Deliveries

Changing a Product's weight

  • This changes the amount of Crop needed to fulfill Orders associated with that Product

  • If changing a Product weight in the middle of a Crop cycle for existing Orders, this can make the tray numbers inaccurate at uncovering or harvest time as it will change those numbers.

  • Changing a Product's weight does not affect Deliveries as they are listed by Small, Medium, Large, or Tray size - not the actual weight.

Changing a Product's price:

  • Changing a Product's price does NOT affect existing Orders that contain that Product - this has to be done on an Order-by-Order basis (see Order Edits article)

Custom Customer Pricing

As it stands now, you cannot technically have a specific price for a Product autofill on a per-Customer basis - even if you have previously edited that price for a Customer's Order. However, if that Customer has a Standing Order, and you change the price for any Product in that Standing Order - that price will apply to the Order you changed AND the following Orders in that recurring Order (if you choose that option when prompted).

The price for each Product variant (i.e., size) is unique to that Product. So changing the price of a medium "Sunflower" Product does not affect the price of a medium "Spicy Mix" Product - they are completely independent - of each other and of each Customer.

So, when creating a new Order or adding another Product to an Order, the price will ALWAYS autofill with a Product's default price. BUT, the price is ALWAYS editable.

Ideally, your prices should be pretty consistent across the board so you should rarely have to edit prices - but, as you know, this is not always the case!

In the New Year, we might take a look at Customer-specific pricing by Product size across all Products, though Customer-specific pricing by Product and size gets tricky and becomes a lot of work for you to input that information!