You can edit Crops at any time, but here are some general rules and things to keep in mind. In short, editing a crop changes both current and future crop cycles. So your Tasks for crops that are already in production can be altered and thus be a bit confusing. We are looking at solutions for this, such as a "take effect on" option.

General Notes:

  • You cannot delete a Crop if it is being used in a Product. You must first remove the Crop from that Product or delete that Product.

  • You can delete multiple Crop entries at a time by using the checkbox feature to the left of each Crop. However, if any of the Crops you have selected are being used in a Product you will get an error message.

When editing a Crop's Seed:

  • In theory, you would not ever do this; so let's cross that bridge when we come to it.

When editing a Crop's name:

  • The name will be changed across the whole system: Products, Orders, reports, and Deliveries.

When editing a Crop's sowing rate:

  • This will update the soaking and sowing rate in any Tasks related to that Crop.

  • This will also update Tasks that are already completed.

  • This will update production costs for that Crop (coming soon).

When editing a Crop's soak time:

  • This figure will be updated in Tasks but will not effect any Task dates

When editing a Crop's Days to Germinate (DTG) or Days to Maturity (DTM):

  • This will update Tasks associated with that crop, including for crops already soaked or sowed

    • For example, this can shift soaking, sowing, and uncovering days for Crops already in production  - which should stay on their original schedule - and will change your soaking, sowing, and uncovering schedule for new crop production Tasks.

When editing a Crop's cut yield:

  • This will change the number of trays listed in your Task lists to soak, sow, uncover, or harvest in any new Crop cycles as we well as Crop cycles already in progress. Though this will obviously not change the actual number of trays you soaked, sowed, etc.