As we covered in the Introduction to Products article, each of your products has a specific weight. Typically, you would include the weight on any packaging and this value would represent the minimum guaranteed weight of your product In other words, the package might actually weigh more than the listed weight. It should never weigh less! 

When you are cutting and packing your products it is difficult to get the weight exact and it is generally better to err on the side of extra product. In this regard, your packing weight will be greater than your listed weight. So, which one do you enter into SeedLeaf?

To make sure you have sufficient crop to fulfil your product orders, you should list your packing weight in your SeedLeaf products. This way, SeedLeaf calculates the amount crop you will likely need, not the exact minimum amount you would need to fulfill your product orders. Depending on the weight of each product, you can use between 2 and 5 grams as a buffer amount:

  • A 40 gram list weight could have a 42 g packing weight

  • A 450 gram list weight could have a 455 gram packing weight

As it is currently, SeedLeaf only considers your packing weight and uses this for crop sowing calculations. When SeedLeaf generates your Packaging tasks on harvest day, it does so by listing products by size (small, medium, or large) rather than weight.